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Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ brings happiness in human lives. The Roman Catholic believes that without him, everything would not be possible; we are all nothing in this world. Only through Jesus Christ we can reach our ultimate potentials including our education.

What are the schools teaching THIS?

Today there are schools that are exclusive for those who are member of the Roman Catholic, some also are the Baptist church, and so many more.

There is some Christian school, although they are different, but their goal in teaching is the same, they all teach about the divinity of Jesus Christ.

If you choose to study in a Catholic school, part of the curriculum or subject is the Bible study, Christian living, Each student will be assigned in designated area, to preach gospels, retreats, every Friday it is compulsory to attend the Friday mass, this are some of the activities that is part of the curriculum of the school.

What is the mission?

The Vision, Mission, and Goal of the Catholic Home schooling curriculum is to provide an adequate knowledge about Christianity, the center of the subject is all about Jesus Christ.

That every student, while they are young will able to comprehend the purpose of Christ here on Earth, that they will live and practice the good values of Christianity, that they will become an example to their respective community.

The true message of the bible doesn't seem to be reflected in many churches. The obsession with making the church grow as large and impressive as possible overshadows the simple message that should be getting across. Christianity has become a business. My wife and I even pulled our son out of a Christian school Essex County because money seemed more important to the school than Christianity - the Christian image has become a marketing tool. It's packed up, presented, and sold like the latest self help program. The veil of American prosperity has blurred the true message of Christianity.

In Catholic home schooling curriculum, every subject will be incorporating the values and teaching of Jesus Christ, like for example Science Biology.

Before discussing the subject about human life, the introductory part of the subject is pertaining life Creation or which is called The Creation of the Lord Jesus Christ, mainly focus is the seventh day creation, which is the crucial part of his creation is the human life.

The main objectives of a Catholic home schooling curriculum are to ensure individual understanding knowledge about the purpose of life here on Earth.

Each parent must take part to develop their kids' spiritual aspect that someday somehow they will become a strong person, because right in their early stage, they start to build a life with a strong foundation of Jesus Christ.

Catholic home schooling curriculum is for the parents to facilitate their child in their studies, whether in matters of academic, religious aspect, they must ensure that they're child is heading in the right way.

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This article was written by Danielle Brugger, alumni from a Lansing christian education. Danielle Brugger is a huge proponent of Christian school and is dedicated to the promotion of Classical Christian education.

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Christian School - Catholic Home Schooling Curriculum

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Christian School - Catholic Home Schooling Curriculum

This article was published on 2012/01/13