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In today's world of clutter and confusion, it is refreshing when one finds a book written which clarifies a subject which many have questioned. This is the case with Jesus Villalobos' latest book; "Mathematics and Scripture.

The numbers 1-50 are decisively shown to have meaning beyond their placement in Scripture as part of the stories. They are revealed to have a language all their own which add much flavor and information to the stories of God's Word.

Jesus Villalobos takes what others take for granted and expounds with pricision and passion what others merely pass by not noticing the patterns clearly laid out in Scripture for us to find. He forces those who read this book to take another look into the mind and heart of God.

Jesus shares his insight which he feels God has given to him to reveal to the body of Christ. His insights are thought provoking and pivotal as they invoke your mind to grasp concepts which ordinarily would be taken for granted.

Jesus is the author of eight books total on Bible prophecy. He has studied Scripture since he was able to read at age eight. His passion is to share what he has learned with the body of Christ. It appears that his books show such passion in his life.

The numbers 1-50 remain constant according to Jesus Villalobos throughout the Scriptures as God is a God of order. Each number means the same thing as it shows up again and again in Scripture to advance what God has to say about each and every Scripture.

Take for example the number seven. Most think it means completion. Jesus begs to differ as God expressly shows that the number six means completion. God finished His work on the sixth day, not the seventh.

It is this type of logic which Jesus Villalobos uses to guide his readers to new height in Scriptural understanding. He elongates simple stories into normally unfathomable depths with his unique understanding in numbers.

Once read, you will never see Scripture in quite the same way. You will begin a new journey through Scripture which will enhance your understanding of God's graciousness. This seems to be what Jesus Villalobos is all about.

To Jesus, mathematics and scripture are not too much different. They are two sides of the same coin so to speak. They are in effect opposite ways of viewing the same thing. One from the natural side and one from the spiritual side.

Step into another world where Scripture is concerned as Jesus takes you on a journey you'll not soon forget. This ride will make the last roller coaster ride you took seem like a walk in the park. Quantum physics and other mind bending things are discussed like never before as Jesus guides you into truths for the adult Christian.

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Mathematics and Scripture

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This article was published on 2012/03/07