Seeking Evidence for Jesus and How He Was

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Jesus has become a most common figure worldwide. However, there are MANY different interpretations about who he was, and even what he looked like. Was there actually a "Jesus"? And if so, who was he, for real? It is obviously very difficult to answer this question. Typical Christians have subtracted the Gnostic Gospels, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, for instance, from the Bible. Who knows whether or not they were true? Perhaps not.

The Gnostic Gospels supposedly show a side of Jesus that is violent. But also take into consideration the story of Jesus which is accepted in one of the books of the Bible as someone who threw things around, and had rage towards the "religious" hypocrites of his time. It's funny how that story does not seem to be too acknowledged by typical Christians in general.

Perhaps the real Jesus had a side of him that was somewhat tyrannical. It's really hard to tell. One of the reasons it's so difficult to figure out who he truly was is because it'd hard to tell the actual accuracy of writings about hm, and because there seemed to have been different people who claimed to have "spiritual influence" to whatever extent about information regarding Jesus.

Did such a person actually exist? Or was he completely made up? It's so hard to even answer this question because who knows how much possible records of lives in Israel during those times could be confused for metaphors, or possibly even FICTION stories? The only authentic way of KNOWING who Jesus was, and if there even was one, would seem to require some sort of "supernatural" experience, if such an experience is possible. Obviously, if there's an afterlife that'd help, but other than that it might be hard to say.

Christianity is obviously a way of looking at Jesus. Christianity has three forms; Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. Catholicism includes Roman Catholic and Byzantine Catholic, Protestant includes MANY different sects such as Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian and non-denominational. It'd hard to believe just how many different viewpoints of Jesus there are, and even different forms of Christianity!

Islam acknowledges the existence of a Jesus, and according to Islam Jesus was a great prophet. However, according to Islam Jesus was not God.

If you look hard enough, you might even find a "New Age" viewpoint pertaining to Jesus! With at least these viewpoints, as mentioned, it's up to you to see how much you'd possibly like to look further into the truth regarding Jesus. Maybe you're curious enough to do so.

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Seeking Evidence for Jesus and How He Was

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This article was published on 2010/11/26
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